Internet Solutions

4G Internet – Desktop Router/Mobile

The 4G internet router provides internet througout spain and is able to reach speeds of up to 30-50MBPS download and 10-20MBPS upload and is available to buy or rent. Use your 4G router or MIFI to connect up to 32 devices via WIFI or hardwire up to 4 devices. The router comes with internet – 120GB Download, this means there is a data usage cap. You to watch internet TV, IPTV Spain, download movies, you need to be aware of your daily, weekly and monthly consumption. Going over the 120 GB limit will stop your internet service until the 1st of the next month.


MMS can supply various of fiberoptic solutions, to individuals or a complete end to end package for Urbanisations or large complexes. For more information please get in contact with us to discuss the scale and requirements.

What you get:
An unlimited high-speed internet connection, up to 300 Mbps in download speed and up to 30 Mbps in upload speed. Minimum of a 6 month contract – early cancellation does incur a termination fee. You get the most advanced wireless router on the market.


We offer great quality IPTV services with many different channels ranging from UK, US, Italian, Belgian, French, German, Dutch, Sports, Documentary, Movies, Music, Kids, Adult, Radio. Subscriptions containing these channels are compatible with Mag boxes, Smart TVs and iOS or Android mobile devices. On our Scandinavian package there are Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, English, Adult, Radio. This package is available on Mag Box only.

On a smart TV there is an application that can replace your Set Top Mag Box. You can use the application just like you would the Set Top Box but using your TV’s remote and retain all features. The app is currently available for all Samsung Smart TV’s made in 2012 and newer. Also available for LG Smart TV’s made in 2013 or newer.

We can supply for you all the necessary’s hardware alternatively we can supply you instructions on how to get your IPTV active if you already have existing compatible hardware. Subscriptions are available on a minimum of a monthly basis with no obligation.

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Hotels and Community TV Solutions

Here we also have a solution for implementing IPTV channels in Hotels or larger Communities with multiple viewings. The system is tailor made for your requirements. There is no limit to the amount of TVs connected. This is a solution which can provide UK and many other foreign channels to a whole community/or hotel rooms using an Internet based service. The amount of TV’s connected is unlimited. This is a much easier system than changing all existing TVs to smart TVs or installing many individual IPTV boxes. Once the system starts to inject the IPTV Channels into the coaxial network, it is only necessary to retune the existing TVs to detect the new IPTV channels. No matter how old the TVs are, the system is capable of injecting in a format that your TV recognises.

Each box gives a choice of channels to be installed, of 10 SD channels. Depending on the amount of channels required will determine the amount of boxes required. This system is extremely flexible and the channel list can easily be modified if different seasons or demand requires for the channels to be changed. There is no limit to the amount and variety of IPTV channels that are available. All languages and from all parts of the world.