Individual or Group Classes

MMS offers a range of classes about the Apple Products, and other related topics.

Individual classes cover a range of topics that you require. We want to to love your Mac like we love ours! Our Apple Mac courses are a perfect way of getting started, and offering lessons that not only give you the basics, but that allow you to get so much more from these wonderful products.

Feel the joy of enlightenment with every ‘ahah!’ moment as you become familiar with all the wonderful things your Mac can do, and the amazing things that you can do on your Mac. We start from the basics and guide you through features of your device and the amazing things that you can do with it.

Our classes are friendly and offer training that is paced to suit your needs – we won’t leave you behind!

Corporate Classes

In business and for professional development, where do you go for assistance with the technology that is an essential part of your work? Where can you get affordable technology training and support that is patient, friendly and in plain English or Spanish. Where can you find someone who can empower you, not just do things for you without any explanation?

Look no further – MMS can provide the help you have been searching for.

We can assist with so many areas that are a challenge for many businesses that don’t have their own ‘IT Department’, and for those who are wanting to up-skill professionally. Here are just some of the areas we can help with:

Training on (and assistance with) Mac, iPhones and iPads devices – customised to meet your business needs

Understanding Cloud technologies like Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365 and iCloud

Using the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices to improve your business efficiency and organisation

Utilising tools like OneNote and Evernote to manage all the paper in your business

Getting your files and data organised on your computer – understanding files, folder and how to keep things under control

Securing and backing up your valuable business data

Advice on technology purchases and internet services

Training and support for all sorts of business applications – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Quickbooks

Assistance with Office 365

Registering a domain and setting up a website

Assistance with Wi-Fi setup and connectivity issues


And so much more.

Social Media

As Social Media becomes ever more popular, MMS can show you how to manage all your accounts. If you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Pinterest or any other social Media App. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, Android phone or Tablet (or even all of the above), MMS can help you get a handle on one or all of these everchanging platforms.

Cyber Bulling and Child Safety

Do you know if your children are safely using their iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone?

In particular, do you know if they are able to access websites, apps and features that are not really appropriate for their age?

For many parents, the answer to the above questions is ‘I’m not sure” or ‘How do I find out?”  Many have not understood or considered that their children are actually using a powerful hand-held computer.

At MMS, we are passionate about making sure that parents are armed with essential information to better understand what these devices can do, and what options they have for protecting not just their own children, but also other children who might use the device.

MMS addresses the specifics of how to set up parental controls on Apple Mobile devices, how to lock a child into a single app and set time limits, how to prevent accidental spending, understanding and using iCloud and Apple accounts in a family, protecting your child’s privacy and more.


Educating the Educators (Schools)

Teach in ways you’ve always imagined. As a teacher, you inspire the next generation of leaders. You make complex ideas easy to understand. And you’re always looking for new ways to engage your students. MMS can help to teach the teachers on how to better use their Apple devices to keep them inspired. So they may be able to do what they do best.