MMS has been one of the longest IPTV support companies on the Coast and helping our clients with their IPTV systems since early 2013.

We offer great quality IPTV services with many different channels ranging from UK, US, Italian, Belgian, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish in addition to Sports, Documentary, Movies, Music, Kids, Adult and Radio. Subscriptions containing these channels are compatible with Mag boxes, Smart TVs and iOS or Android mobile devices.

On a smart TV there is an application that can replace your Set Top Mag Box. You can use the application just like you would the Set Top Box but using your TV’s remote and retain all features. The app is currently available for all Samsung Smart TV’s made in 2012 and newer. Also available for LG Smart TV’s made in 2013 or newer.

We can supply for you all the necessary’s hardware alternatively we can supply you instructions on how to get your IPTV active if you already have existing compatible hardware. Subscriptions are available on a minimum of a monthly basis with no obligation.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you or help make the right choices for your TV, please send us a email and one of our representatives will get in contact with you.