Hi Everyone,

This email below keeps circulating… we have many people worried about this, mostly from men for some reason, jaja…

Please know that this is a scam… don’t worry about it… it is not true.

What I believe is that a local website (Update* from LinkedIn 2016 hacked) that many of you have used has been hacked and these hackers have your email address and a old password. If you receive this email and the password is one that you use on a regular basis, I would recommend changing all your passwords for any account that uses this password or any variation.

If you need help making sure your accounts are secure you can always book in a time with me. More information on Bitcoin scams can be seen here https://bitcoin.org/en/scams

Below is an example of this email….

The email was sent from a rmcicelypz@outlook.com
To report abuse from Outlook accounts you can go here: https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-us/engage/cars

Dear XXXXX ‘Marbella1234’ is your passphrase:) I’m Dorothy. I have the recording of your cam which shows your filthy stimulating doings and video you streamed on the porn video because that site was infected with my malware. In the video footage you really are looking hot.

We have each of your e-mail and facebook connections since my malware gave me access to all of them.

I’ll send your recording to your contacts unless you send me $4000 via B I T C O I N S in the next 24 hours to the below address:
B I T C O I N Address: 1J97jtsJ9qJASYUH9EPPySERFirrR3wW9v
Please Copy-Paste the address because it is CasE SenSiTiVe.

Once you have sent the money, I will delete your recording and every bit of information I have about you. If I don’t receive the money, I will send your recording to every contact of yours. Think regarding the embarrassment you experience. Not to forget if you happen to be in a loving relationship, exactly how it can affect?

If you want proof? Reply “Yes”, & I’ll send your video to nine of your contactsright now.

Kind regards – Dorothy


SCAM ! Don’t fall for it !